Tupper Lake invests in technology companies that address all areas of energy. We strive to advance both renewable and traditional energy toward increased efficiency, improved effectiveness, and sustainability.

Under any forecast scenario, global energy demand will grow for decades due to the strong secular drivers of population growth and increasing energy intensity of developing nations. We believe many forms of energy will be necessary to meet this demand.’

On top of this growing demand, it is no longer acceptable to produce energy “at any cost” without considering global sustainability. Over 100 countries have signed-on to the Paris Agreement, and corporations and asset managers across the globe are committing to net-zero targets by 2050. Tupper Lake supports the rigorous pursuit of these targets, but understands they require time and a balanced approach to energy supply.

Tupper Lake believes the increased adoption of technology is key to unlocking better investment returns in our focus areas.

The forms of technology in which we are investing include software, hardware and IOT (internet of things / connectivity).

Technology will drive increased efficiency in renewable energy (making it cheaper and more accessible), traditional energy (making it cleaner and more sustainable) and broad decarbonization.


Our unique team approach helps accelerate early-stage companies.

Tupper Lake Executives Are Domain Experts

Our Executives are domain experts with deep market experience in the energy, power, industrial and technology industries. They have extensive industry and investor networks built during their impressive careers filled with distinguished, real-world accomplishments.

DIRECT ACCESS toTupper Lake Executive

As part of our investment selection process, one of our Executives raises his/her hand to play an active role in the company, typically as chairman or an active board member/advisor.

SIDE-by-side Working Relationship

Our Executive works side-by-side with senior management, utilizing his/her network to open doors to sales and business partnerships, augment the senior management team for accelerated growth, and supplement the board of directors as needed.

Experience and reputation can open doors that will grow your business.

The team at Tupper Lake Partners collectively contributes over 250 years of experience in executive leadership, senior finance, M&A transactions and start-ups.

Held senior leadership roles in over 10 public and 30 private companies
Served as directors on more than 20 public and50 private company boards
Founded companies with an aggregate market value of more than $15 billion
Led public companies which created over $20 billion in aggregate shareholder value
Executed over $40 billion of M&A transactions (over 70 acquisitions and divestitures) as senior executives
Transacted on over $200 billion of M&A deals as financial advisors



Senior Advisor

Chairman, P6 Technologies

Chairman, Pirum

President and CEO, Wood Mackenzie

Seasoned Board Member at Private Companies


Senior Advisor

Executive Chairman, Datagration

Senior Advisor to Warburg Pincus

Senior Advisor, Kenda Capital (Shell Technology Ventures)

Chairman, Tendeka

Chairman, Zeitech

CEO, Landmark Graphics

Executive at Halliburton


Senior Advisor

President and CEO, Itron

SVP of Product and Integration, Silicon Energy

SVP of Strategy and Development, Indus International

Joe BobPerkins

Senior Advisor

Chairman, Orennia

Board Member, several public and private companies

CEO (then Executive Chairman), Targa Resources

President and COO, Wholesale Businesses of Reliant Energy

Consultant, McKinsey & Company


Board Member, several public and private companies

Executive Chairman, TechnipFMC

Chairman and CEO, Technip

CEO, Veritas DGC

Executive at Schlumberger


Board Member, several private companies

Advisory Group, StoreDot

CEO and Vice Chairman, Clarios

President and COO, Johnson Controls, Power Solutions division (Energy Storage)

Executive at Johnson Controls, Building Technologies division


Board Member, Datagration

Founder and CEO of multiple energy technology companies with successful sale/exits including:

  • GEODynamics
  • Wyre
  • Probe Technologies
  • In Depth Systems
  • Peak Pressure Control
  • Jaex SA de CV
  • Owen Oil Tools

Board Member of several SaaS/technology businesses

Holder of 90 US patents


with 30+ years of experience



Office Manager and Executive Assistant – Oilfield Water Logistics

Start-up Boutique Fitness Studio – Row House

Office Assistant/Management roles at multiple healthcare organizations


Board Member, several private energy and industrial companies

COO, Chart Industries

MD, Head of Oilfield Services, Equipment and Technology, Morgan Stanley

Strategic M&A and private/public capital markets advisor to energy, industrial and technology companies

J. IkeEpley

Vice Chairman, Datagration

Chairman and CEO of several energy software firms

Chairman and CEO of multiple oilfield technology businesses

  • CEO, Resurgent Resources
  • MD, Basin Holdings
  • CEO, Wellogix
  • CEO, One Offshore
  • CEO, Omni Ventures

Multiple roles in banking and private equity


Board Member, Datagration and Orennia

Partner, former member of Executive Management Group, Warburg Pincus

Board Member to several current and previous Warburg Pincus portfolio companies

Consultant, McKinsey & Company


Managing Partner, MB Energy Partners

Board member and advisor, various private energy companies & investors

Direct Corporate Development & various operational management roles, NOV

Renewable Energy Investor: corporate, venture, PE, SPAC


with 20+ years of experience

Board Member, Datagration and Orennia

Partner, former member of Executive Management Group, Warburg Pincus

Board Member to several current and previous Warburg Pincus portfolio companies

Consultant, McKinsey & Company


An Undeniable Trend In Energy Investing

There is an undeniable trend in energy investing today that guides our investment strategies: no matter what the form, the future of energy will be shaped by a lower carbon footprint and a higher degree of sustainability.

Tupper Lake is investing in technology companies that will deliver this future of energy.

Renewable forms of energy, such as solar, wind, storage, biomass and hydrogen) must be cheaper to produce and more accessible to consume than they are today.

Long term sustainability of renewable energy sources demands a business model that is sustainable both economically and environmentally. Technology can be used to help achieve this.

Traditional forms of energy can be developed and consumed in a more efficient manner, through the technology-enabled evolution of the energy supply chain.

Traditional forms of energy – such as oil and natural gas – are necessary to bridge the energy supply chain as it transitions to more renewable sources (which will likely take decades). In addition to satisfying energy demand, oil and natural gas are also used to create essential products for everyday living.

New Energy Icon

New Energy (Renewables)

Companies that lower costs of delivering wind and solar energy and battery storage or enable lower carbon fuels like RNG, hydrogen, renewable gas/diesel and others.


– Demand/Load Management Tools

– Battery and Grid Optimization

– Wind and Solar Asset Efficiency


– Advanced Wind and Solar Equipment

– Battery Materials and Technology

– Battery Recycling

– Infrastructure Monitoring/Optimization


– Data Analytics for Renewables

– Sensors to Monitor Power Generation and Load Optimization

Traditional Energy (Oil & Gas)
Traditional Energy (Oil & Gas)

Companies that improve and/or make oil and gas production cleaner and less carbon intensive or accelerate the retirement of oil wells and infrastructure.


– Oilfield Database Integration

– Oilfield Digitization

– Improve/Automate Decision Making (AI/ML)


– Advanced Robotics to Automate/Augment Human Activities


– Oilfield Data Analytics

– Digital Twins for Asset Management

– AI-Powered Sensors to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Decarbonization & Sustainability
Decarbonization & Sustainability

Companies that lower the carbon intensity of energy-related infrastructure, improve overall safety operations, or reduce/augment human activities.


– ESG-Related Reporting and Data Analytics software

– Platforms for Optimizing Low Carbon Intensive (CI) Feedstocks


– CCS and CCUS Technologies

– Equipment to Enable CCUS


– CO2 and Methane Sensing

– Low Carbon Intensity Emissions Validation (i.e. “CO2 Avoided”)

Portfolio Companies
We started in 2020, and have already funded three software companies.

Enterprise software linking legacy databases in a data hub and providing analysis and optimization modules with AI/ML

Tupper Lake Partners Leader

Peter Bernard, Chairman/CEO

Date of First Investment

June 2020


By linking databases into a centra hub, operators can seamlessly calculate KPI’s and perform optimization analytics in real time, cost effective and value enhancing manner

Unique software platform providing clean data, advanced analytics and expert advice for renewables, clean fuels and decarbonization

Tupper Lake Partners Leader

Joe Bob Perkins, Chairman

Date of First Investment

May 2021


With rapid growth of energy transition projects and trillions of capital ($) to be deployed, investors (and operators) need tools to help them make more informed capital allocation decisions using data, analytics, and ML / AI

Enterprise software that measures and communicates product-level carbon intensity (CI) of transportation fuels and petchems

Tupper Lake Partners Leader

Thierry Pilenko, Board Member


Neal Anderson (Former Chair/CEO of Woodmac)

Date of First Investment

December 2022


With accurate, verifiable, and dynamic product-level CI calculations, operators have a competitive advantage, optimizing supply inputs and products to meet customer needs

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values ESG and decarbonization goals

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looking to raise $5-25M

would benefit from active board advisory and mentorship

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